I'm in Miami and am looking to buy your fruit. What are my options?

Until recently, Health & Happiness Farms was exclusively wholesale: it is how we had marketed our fruit since we began selling it in the 1990s. Although we participated in Dade County farmer's markets off and on throughout the earlier part of this decade, we do not currently sell in a market setting. We also do not currently provide retail sales on-site. With the launching of our new website and its interactive shopping cart system in Summer 2017, we have begun to branch out into retail sales of small quantities for essentially the very first time in the history of our business.

Miami-area residents looking to purchase our fruit locally in smaller quantities may contact Glaser Farms, Norman Brothers Produce, or Robert is Here fruit stand. If you would like to be notified about farm news and any markets that we may attend in the future, please subscribe to our newsletter using the form below.