Faces of the Farm

Food on the farm would not be possible without key contributions from a number of people. These are the faces of the men and women helping to bring you top-quality fruit direct from the Redland.


Sal Santelli

Sal, though a carpenter by trade, is a farmer at heart. If you think he looks excited to be holding a mamey, you should just see him when he gets a chance to eat one!


Theresa Correra   (and Gigi!)

Wife to Sal, Theresa and he have three lovely children together. Theresa has worked for many years as a nutritionist, both independently and for others. She is a board-certified RD and LD.

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The new kid in town, Nathaniel manages the farm's social media, website, and online ordering system. He also works four days of the month at his family's farm in Martin County. Sustainable agroforestry systems, photography, and avantgarde jazz are what get him out of bed each morning.